Practical Ideas for Real Estate Agents in a Post-pandemic World

Since the pandemic started in early 2020, many real estate agents had to adapt their strategies to the new normal. Many agencies and freelance agents pivoted to social media marketing and virtual open houses and moved all their operations online. But with vaccines being rolled out across the United States and the economy slowly opening up again, the real estate world will once again have to follow suit and adjust. Here are some practical pointers to adjust your real estate marketing strategy as the world opens up again.

Arm yourself with information on health and safety guidelines

As of April 2021, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its mandates and guidelines on mask-wearing. Their new guidelines are as follows:

  • Fully vaccinated people do not need to use masks outside unless they’re in a crowd, like attending a sporting event, concert, and other outdoor gatherings that entail many people.
  • People will only be considered fully vaccinated once they’ve had all the shots required and only two weeks after receiving the final dose.
  • Mask-wearing is still recommended during indoor gatherings, big and small. So this means that should you decide to host an open house, you and your guests or clients might still have to wear masks, even if all of you have been vaccinated.

As the virus evolves and vaccines continue to be more widespread, the rules and guidelines are also subject to change. So make sure that you always stay on top of expert recommendations on health and safety.

At the same time, the rules on masking are not the only thing you need to keep track of. You also need to check for physical distancing guidelines and, as always, frequent hand-washing with water and soap. As the agent in charge of showing off properties offline, you have a responsibility to ensure that you and your clients are always physically safe and protected. Do all that you can to following public health safety while everyone waits out the long-term effects of the vaccines.

Modernize your brand identity and designs

Our 2021 world is completely different from our 2019 one. If you have not taken the time to update your business’s visual brand identity, including your logo, colors, tagline, and other design elements, now may be a good time to make some updates. With the majority of businesses all over the world moving their operations to the digital space, consumers are savvier in branding that works and looks good. Take this time to give your agency a brand-new look and feel, especially as you create new custom vinyl banners for your open houses and properties for sale or rent. Here are some ideas for developing an eye-catching brand identity:

  • Review your brand’s goals and strategies. What are you trying to achieve with this new branding? What are your mission, vision, purpose, values, personality, voice, and other aspects that you want to shine through with this new branding? Taking the time to list down your objectives and every other variable that comes with it will help you set a clear goal for your new brand identity.
  • Research your audience and competitors. Your new brand identity is being developed to speak to your audience. Make sure you know every crucial information about them so that you can touch on what’s relevant to them. At the same time, knowing what your competitors do will help you gain a head start on what works and what doesn’t.
  • List down every component you need, from the logo to colors, typeface, copy, and every other graphic element. Check if you need to make a complete overhaul or an update on what you currently work with.

Don’t neglect social media marketing

Just because the world is slowly opening back up again, it doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to the world of digital marketing. The Internet and social media, when working in conjunction with your more traditional marketing, will help you achieve your goals much faster. Continue to nurture your presence on multiple channels and platforms, and update it with announcements on your next projects and events. Those interested in real estate are surely as excited as you are about seeing these properties in real life and not just on Facebook.

Learn to take whatever lessons you learned during the COVID-19 crisis and bring them with you to our post-pandemic world, especially in the business you run. It will only make you a better and more effective real estate agent as the world opens up again.




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