Protecting Your Finances By Staying Healthy

Tis’ the season to catch an illness. It seems like every week, more and more people are coming down with something. From the stomach bug, Covid, and other illnesses, people have been going through it. It has not escaped my household, as I’ve had a slight cold for three days. All this sickness got me thinking about protecting your finances by staying healthy. Here are my thoughts.

How Much Illness Costs You

Being sick can cost you in several ways. Financially, it keeps you at home instead of in the workplace. If you can not work and you’re an hourly employee, that means your not earning a paycheck. If it happens routinely, you could be behind on financial obligations. Additionally, chronic conditions mean more trips to the doctor and medications. That leads to higher insurance premiums and healthcare costs. While not all of these situations can be avoided, some can.


One way you can keep your health in check is vitamins. Vitamins can be useful in supporting nutritional deficits that we may have. They can also boost our immune system, aid healing, and promote healthy aging. Vitamin C is one of the most popular choices when it comes to common illnesses. Vitamin C protects your body from free radicals, supports a healthy immune system, and boosts antioxidant levels in the body. Other helpful vitamins include Vitamin D, B, E, and Zinc.

Healthy Lifestyle

Another way to protect yourself against illness is to lead a healthy lifestyle. This could mean several things. For one, you should engage in some regular physical activity. That can include a daily walk, exercise, or engaging in a sport. Secondly, you should eat a nutritionally balanced diet. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat out. It means reducing the number of times you go for fast food and opting for balanced meals more regularly. You should also go to the doctor routinely for annual check-ups, get enough sleep, practice self-care, and drink plenty of water.

You should all be protecting your finances by staying healthy. Here are just a few ways to do it. For more, check out the posted video or leave some tips in the comment box.

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