Realize Your Own Potential

I had a relaxing time at the beach over the weekend for my friend’s birthday. I love the clarity of the vibrant clear water and just the vibe it was giving off. It was so calming and relaxing. I was able to sit with myself and ponder life. One thing that crossed my mind was people’s potential.

Often, we look at people around us and admire what they have. We also doubt ourselves and our ability to reach their perceived level of success. But we have to stop this, and we have to realize our potential.

Here’s how.

Stop Idolizing Social Media

Social media is just for show. Everything that you see on there is not real life. The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be. People tend to only show the good things going for them and never the challenges that preceded them. They often fake it like they’ve made it when in reality, they’re struggling to find their way and potential as well. Your life is not their life. Your journey is not their journey. How you reach success and when you reach, it is not dependent upon others. It is unique to you.

Timelines and Intentions

When trying to realize you’re potential, you have to be real with yourself. Think about all the things that you want to do. Set reasonable goals and timelines. Don’t go big and go home because your plans were too unmanageable, unreasonable, and present a burden on you.

Make goals that you can’t accomplish within a reasonable timeframe. Make them small and manageable, and relatable to the larger picture. If you know you’re only doing something for the money, but there is no real passion behind it, don’t do it. Everything is not about money, and if you’re doing it just for money, you will be burned out. When there’s passion and intent behind what you do, you can go out a lot longer on a lot less to make your dreams a reality.

Know Your Worth

Lastly, you have to know your worth. And I’m not talking about how much your services and goods are valued, but know that you can achieve any and everything you set your mind to. Believe in that philosophy, and I promise you you will get there. Look inside your heart, mind, and soul, and take stock of all the value you bring to the table. Take stock of all the things that you are good at, and capitalize on those things to help you achieve those dreams that you have for yourself.

Every day I’m in a dream world thinking about how I will live my life, the timeline in which I want to retire, and where I even want to retire. I often think about having a second home, and the steps that I have to take to get there. I write them down and make sure everything I do is in line with the end result. Hope this helps you realize your own potential.

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