Saving Habits to Carry you Through Quarentine 


We’re still living more or less the same way; we’re shopping, buying groceries, paying for gas. But we’re spending less, a more frugal lifestyle has been adopted by the vast majority of us enduring the new lockdown life that has been thrust upon us. The world is adjusting to the changes, with companies offering longer subscription deals and discounts on almost anything from online shopping to home buying.

Gone are the days of stockpiling toilet paper and whatever other flavor of the week it was back at the start of 2020. Now a new version of normality has resumed and with many businesses closing down across the world, we’re presented with new avenues for spending. For those that can, there has never been a better time to save for something special.

What can be done to save?

Firstly, remembering that the present situation isn’t permanent. Returning to old habits isn’t a problem and something we all hope can be done sooner rather than later. Though, for now, it’s time to rebuild the foundations of our spending and find new cost-cutting solutions. We’ve heard of all kinds of things, with some of our readers even switching from traditional banking to using Bitcoin as their main method of payment.

Meal prep

When we were at the height of quarantine this was the one thing we could still do, whether it meant going to the supermarket or picking up takeaway. But, now it’s kind of repetitive. Making those trips less frequent is a great way of limiting spending. Ambling around your local supermarket and picking up unnecessary purchases isn’t helping anything. 

The quarantine has opened up new doors for people, who are taking the opportunity to try out baking and preparing quality healthy food. Avoiding spending money in restaurants is a great way of adding to your savings at the end of each week. 

Don’t waste food. Indulge in new recipes and flavors. Create new dishes that can be kept for a later date. Being able to meal prep for the week and producing exciting dishes is a great way of bringing a sense of enjoyment to your day.

Cheaper days out

Find your way to the coast, or get out in nature. Not only is it cheap and easy, but it provides a unique kind of therapeutic experience that’s worth more than anything you’d pay for in the city. Cities offer a great deal of entertainment with so much to do, even during quarantine, it can be hard to know where to spend your free time.

Even if you do decide to remain in the city, be more selective about how you spend your days out. If you fancy going to the cinema, wait for the deal-days. If it’s the museum, do the same thing. Small adjustments to your routine and incremental improvements to your weekly savings will pay dividends in the long run. 

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Drop unnecessary subscriptions

This is something many of our readers will find hard to do, and understandably so. After a long day of work, there’s few better things than coming home to Netflix and watching your favorite shows. But it doesn’t have to be Netflix. There are all kinds of subscriptions many of us even forget we’re paying. 

From magazines, to make up, there are all kinds of unnecessary payments being made each month. Cutting back on these during a time of crisis will free up a lot of money. You can always subscribe again once things level out, but for now considering making the adjustment. 

Step away from Amazon

How much do you really need all those purchases from Amazon? The ease of purchasing and the speed at which you receive it makes for an irresistible incentive to spend. The range of products and services that are available on Amazon today is staggering, trying to avoid this will make a huge difference.

Order what you need and avoid the rest. Amazon remains a great outlet for purchasing products and getting them in a timely fashion, but it’s proven to be unnecessary at times. Moreover, stop using Amazon for everything. Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Streaming Services, the list goes on. Try to source cheaper alternatives to these services and stop giving your money away to Amazon!

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