Saving On Rideshare Services

I recently came off of a trip to LA last week. It was an amazing time and I enjoyed riding through the different parts of the city. I am totally in love with Venice Beach and had a great time walking the strip in Hollywood. One thing I did notice is how spread apart the city is. We stayed near the airport and let me tell you nothing was close. We had to rely on Uber and Lyft to get us where we wanted to go. It got me thinking, how are people saving on rideshare services. Here are some ideas.

Check Yur Credit Card

Check your credit card benefits to see if they offer free subscription services to Uber and Lyft. My Amex gold card and my Chase credit cards have those benefits. With Amex, I receive a $10 Uber credit and a free subscription to Uber One. That grants me a 5% discount on rides, priority services, $0 delivery fees, and exclusive rewards. When linked to my account, my Chase card offers 5% cashback on all Lyft rides.

Rideshare Specific Savings

Sometimes rideshare services offer their own savings programs. If you don’t mind paying $199 per year and ride Lyft a lot, go for Lyft Pink. Membership offers you 15% off all rideshares and free Grubhub+ membership. With Lyft Pink, you also get priority airport pickups, free to cheap scooter rentals, discounted bike rentals, and free rental upgrades with SIXT. Uber has membership levels based on points you earn with rides. As a gold member, I earn a reward for every 500 points I accrue. I usually take the $5 Ubercash as my reward, but there are options to include 15% off the next eligible eats or ride order and free delivery. The more points you earn, the more levels you unlock.

Rideshare Points for Airline and Hotel Savings

You can also link your rideshare accounts to outside earnings programs. Start by linking your Uber account to Marriott. You can earn 3 points per dollar spent on Uber rides, 6 points per dollar on Uber eats orders to your Marriott branded hotel, and 2 points per dollar on Uber eats orders to your home after linking your account. With Lyft, you can earn Delta rewards points at a rate of 1 point per dollar on Lyft rides.

There are many ways you could be saving on rideshare services, what route will you take?

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