Shopping problem, quit today! 

Who doesn’t love to shop? I know I do, and those around me do as well. But at what point do we find ourselves shopping too much, spending too much money, and blowing our budgets? Do you spend money on clothes and other products in excess every month? If you do, listen up! If you have a shopping problem, quit today with the information below.


If you like shopping online or learning about the new sales through your email or text messages, please unsubscribe. I can’t tell you how many text messages I get from various companies telling me about the latest deals. If you’re someone who hops on a deal every time it comes to their inbox, then being subscribed to these ads is not a good thing. Save yourself the trouble of having to shop through all the amazing deals by unsubscribing to these companies via text and email alerts. Be sure to also remove yourself from deal groups on social media. If you don’t know about the sales, you won’t need to shop them.

Cash Not Card

Do you also find yourself swiping your credit card way too much and never checking the balance? If you do, you might be swipe happy. Often, when we’re swiping our credit cards, we’re not mentally keeping track of how much we’re spending, nor are we checking the balance to make sure it doesn’t get sky-high. If you continuously do this, your credit card bills will become more than you can manage. Instead, use cash. You can physically touch it and see when it is dwindling. When you’ve spent enough, you will know exactly when to stop.

Setting Shopping Goals

If you are just not great at keeping track of your shopping expenditures, a budget can save you. I know a budget it’s kind of scary, and many of us don’t like it. But if you’re shopping way more than you can manage, you might need one for at least your shopping habits. Set a goal. That means putting a dollar amount to what you can reasonably afford to spend on your wants and then sticking to it.

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