Simple ways to lower your monthly medicine expense

In the financially challenging times of today, everyone is always searching for ways to reduce their monthly expenses as much as possible. And we always think why is it hard to save money? One of the biggest expenses, however, is health. Unexpected illnesses, infections, accidents, and diseases can cause a lot of distress.Therefore in order to cater this  Canadian pharmacies are cheaper in offering low-priced generic versions of prescription drugs,thus they help you in managing  your budget.

This article explains some easy ways to lower your monthly medicine expenses.

Know your insurance plan

The most important thing is to know your insurance plan inside-out. Most of the policies in Canada cover medication costs, but you should still check if there are any loopholes due to which you may have to pay for certain types of medicines. Some insurance companies revise their coverage every year. Talk to your agent and learn if this will affect your medication coverage.

At least once every year, many companies add or remove specific medications from their model. Learn about the prices of these medications, particularly new drugs, and ensure that you can pay for them if not covered by your current plan.

Once every year, make a rundown of all the drugs your family and you need regularly. Next, speak with your customer service rep and ask them if those medications will continue to be covered next year by the policy and if there will be a cap on how much coverage will be given.

Opt for cheaper medicines

Change to generic drugs or low-cost versions of your current prescription medications to reduce your financial burden. If a branded drug is essential and non generics are ready, you can submit a request to your agent to add the drug to your coverage. 

You can even request your pharmacy to offer a discount. Some of the new online pharmacies offer club membership where you can buy medicines in bulk volumes and get good discounts. These discounts will help you make the most of your available income and set aside some for unexpected or major planned treatments, such as dental or cosmetic procedures. 

Move online to buy drugs. 

There are many licensed and authorized online drug stores in Canada. Some online pharmacies have limited stocks, so be sure that you can get all your monthly medicines from one place and get a volume discount to save even more money plus there are certain ways that can help you to save money on prescription drugs.

It is good to email or even call them on their given number and speak to a representative. Chatbots are not reliable and can only give you so much information. 

There are always good ways to save money on medicines if you are a little innovative and ready to get rid of old habits.


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