Simplifying the Process for New Employees

When you have a position to fill within the company, you want to make sure you have the necessary tools at your disposal to complete administrative and onboarding tasks, while ensuring that GDPR and other security practices are strictly adhered to. If you have a number of new employees joining the company, this can involve a lot of short-notice work for yourself and the rest of the HR team. The sooner these processes are completed, the quicker an individual can get into the workplace and begin their role. For this to happen, you may want to find a way to cut down on the time it takes to complete the onboarding for each candidate, as well as to help you get back to your usual, regular tasks.


Using software can help you to make the process that bit quicker, but what is employee onboarding software? This allows for the induction of the new employee onto your system and gives them some of their basic starter information that can help them understand what your business entails, as well as how to complete other tasks, such as recording absences and booking annual leave. This can include company information, videos, presentations, seminars, e-learning, and even access to company social media pages to allow the individual to have a window into working life before they have even set foot in the workplace.


Adding a new employee to the system also involves adding their details to payroll. This will allow for payments to be made, as is the case with yourself and others working for the company. Prompt addition will help make sure there are no errors come their first payday, especially if they are joining the company close to the date when wages are sent out. 

In addition to this, having the new employee on payroll will also allow for the creation of wage slips, which can be highly beneficial for both their records and that of the company. 

Learning Management

Some new employees may require an additional level of training when they join the company. This may be in regard to the work they need to complete, or even in relation to policies, procedures, and other working practices. Giving your employee the means to complete these before they start their role can free up some time, and enable them with relevant information regarding certain situations, or even how to keep themselves safe at work. Having these on a cloud-based system also means that any employee can revisit them at a later date, should they feel they have a need to refresh themselves on some of this information.

When a new employee joins the company, you want to make your life as easy as possible. While there may be a number of tasks you need to complete to get them registered on the system and able to access their personal login. Allowing them this access can also benefit you by removing the amount of work and tasks that need to be completed prior to them actually beginning their work. 

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