How to Spend Less without Buying Less

If you’re struggling to live more frugally because you’re a bit of a shopaholic, you’re not alone. We all crave that feeling of buying something new but how can you spend less without going without? Here are 5 ways to spend less without buying less.

Buy in bulk

You can spend less without buying less when you buy in bulk. Next time you’re grocery shopping, try to buy in bulk the items you normally go through a lot of and always buy. Go through a lot of tomato sauce? Buy the 2 litre bottle instead of the 500ml bottle. Buying medicine? Buy the bigger box if it’s a common painkiller like paracetamol. It won’t expire for years and you will have saved money buying one larger packet than buying 2 smaller ones. You’ll also have less trips to the store this way. Win-win.

Buy quality

You can save in quantity what you buy in quality. Reduce spending by paying more upfront for higher quality goods. For items like clothing, home décor, linen, etc. spending more in the short term should save you more in the long term by reducing the number of items you’ll need to rebuy when inevitably that cheaper product doesn’t last.

Buy used

If you love keeping up with the latest fashions in homewares buy used instead. You can still find high quality goods at much cheaper prices when buying from second hand stores, charity shops and online sites. This means you don’t have to buy any less or any worse quality than you normally would but it will mean you’re spending less for the same items.

Buy your beans whole

Got a coffee habit? That’s ok. We all do. But coffee can be an expensive habit, especially when we’re drinking upwards of 3 coffees a day. So what can we do about it? Buy whole beans instead of ground. Sure it may take you a little more time in the morning but whole beans stay fresher a lot longer than ground coffee so you can now buy your coffee in bulk. Tiffany, creator of Don’t Waste Crumbs blog says:

“The reasoning is that whole beans stay fresher, longer than ground coffee. Here’s what likely happens with ground coffee: You buy ground coffee and it’s great for a few days. And then your coffee isn’t so great. You blame the coffee grounds, thinking they’ve gone bad and toss them out. What have we done? We’ve literally thrown away money.”

Buy online

It’s always a good idea to minimise heading straight to retail stores. Online shopping is very often cheaper but if you prefer to shop in a physical store then at least do your research first. Always check out the best prices for what you want to buy online before making your purchase. Sites like can help you find the cheapest price for books and dvd’s. This is also the time to search for coupons to use either in a physical shop or online.

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