Staples 101: Staples Rebates

Staples has a Staples Rewards program and a Staples Rebate program, both of which regularly offer items that are free after Rewards or Rebate. This posting is most about the Staples Rebates program. I’ve saved a ton with this program and wanted to say a few words so you can save as well.

I used to cut out UPC codes and mail in rebates to a PO Box, then after a few weeks or months, wonder “whatever happened to that rebate?” Staples’ online rebates are different: You usually do not need to send in a UPC, you can submit the rebate online, and Staples emails you when they receive your rebate, approve it, and print the check. If you ever wonder “whatever happened to that rebate?” you can log in to your account and check the status.Staples Rebate Envelope with text

When you buy a product in the store that is free after rebate, I highly recommend submitting the online rebate soon after you get home, so you don’t forget. I have only had to cut off the UPC and mail it in when I bought a software item, like McAfee Internet Security (free after rebate!). After I submit the rebate, I put the receipt (or a copy of the receipt and UPC, if I had to mail it in) into my Rebate Envelope. On the outside of the envelope, I write the store, how I submitted the rebate, the amount of the rebate, and the date of submission. When I receive a rebate, I enter the date on the envelope and throw out the receipt I’d been saving.Staples Rebate Envelope

On the EasyRebates website, it will prompt you to open an account. This account is separate from your Rewards account, but you should be able to use the same username and password, to avoid getting confused with your Rewards account. Setting up an account will make your future Rebate submissions a lot easier. I think it takes me 1-2 minutes to submit my Rebates now.

Check out Staples’ rebate site if you want to read their fine print.

Photo credit: Mike Mozart.

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