Staples November 23: 20% off Everything in the Bag is Back!

Check out This Week's Deals at Staples at Direct link to this week's deals here:
Staplers, I’m simultaneously posting both the deals starting on Sunday and those on Black Friday. That way, you can compare whether it’s a better deal to buy the item you’re eyeing before or on Black Friday. This is especially important if you’re looking for a computer, because there is a $100 off coupon starting on Sunday, but on Black Friday that coupon disappears and is replaced by a free (after Rebate) Kindle worth $79 at the most. There are two reasons to wait until Black Friday for your computer purchase, however. (1) The computer you really want is advertised at a lower price on Black Friday, so it would make sense to wait, or (2) You are pricematching the computer you want and you can’t get $100 off the pricematch, but you should be able to get the Kindle rebate.

Staples is bringing back their popular 20% off Everything in the Bag deal for the week leading up to Black Friday. It’s a great opportunity to get items that normally don’t go on sale, or items that are not on sale during Black Friday. You might be surprised what you can get there, for 20% off! Did you know that they sell the LeapPad3? If you’re curious whether you can get a better deal on Black Friday, check out Living Rich with Coupon’s online Black Friday Price Comparison Tool. It’s really helpful when planning your Black Friday shopping. Click here.

Staples coupons this week, which you can print out online, starting on Sunday: 

  • $100 off all tablets priced $399 or more.
  • $100 off all laptops and desktops priced $499 or more.
  • 20% off everything you can fit in the bag, plus a free reusable tote

Other than the 20% off coupon, there aren’t any fabulous deals that I spotted, other than the two items below, whic

This week’s best deals at Staples:

  • $25 — Chromecast (regularly $35) — toss it in the bag and get 20% off of that price!
  • $24 — Fire TV stick (reglarly $39) — also an item to toss in the 20% off bag.

Happy Stapling! What are your Black Friday plans? 

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