STAPLES September 21: Tech Trade-in Just Got Better!


Staplers, in the lull between Back to School sales and the next season (which I like to call “free case of printer paper season”!), Staples introduced a new take on its trade-in program. Next week’s circular declares a $30 minimum trade-in value for a working tablet, smartphone, or laptop from Sunday through the end of the year. Because today is the first day of the new trade-in program, I’m not sure how it works. Rest assured, however, that I will get the inside scoop for you in time for next week’s edition of the Weekly Stapler.

My Tip: If you have an eligible item gathering dust on your shelf, and anticipate buying some technology for a holiday gift, save your trade-in for the Black Friday / Holiday season and save even more money on your tech deals. 

Staples coupons this week, which you can print out online starting on Sunday:

  • 30% off Staples brand binders
  • 25% off Pentel brand pens
  • $10 off $40 Tech and Mobile Accessories purchase
  • $5 off Moleskine Professional Notebooks
  • 25% off all Arc Customizable Notebooks
  • $10 off all chairmats
  • 20% back in Staples Rewards on any color printing purchase

This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

In the post-Back to School shopping environment, Staples doesn’t have a freebie this week or any good deals on particular items, so take the week off –unless of course you’re looking for a backpack. Backpacks continue to be 50% off at Staples. Target is also putting their backpacks and school supplies on clearance. In some parts of the country, you’ll find these items for 70% off already. In my neighborhood, backpacks continue to be 50% off at Target but the school supplies like lunchboxes, etc., are at 70% off. The site All Things Target reported that some school supplies are at 90% off (here).

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for at Staples in the next few months? I will keep my eyes peeled for it. Just let me know in the comments. 

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