STAPLES week of June 15: Visa Card Moneymaker!

StaplesStaplers, that’s right: It’s time to make a few bucks by purchasing Visa cards and getting a $20 Rebate. I love these deals. ūüôā Also this week, Staples is featuring deals on iPads — most of them $30 off — and continues to offer a $30 discount if you trade in your old tablet. This combines for a decent discount on iPads if you’ve been eyeing them and haven’t already snagged one of Staples’ recent tablet deals.

Staples-brand writing implements are 50% off, with a coupon. But, July Back-to-School sales are right around the corner, so if you can wait a month or two you should be able to get free pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.

Just last year, I snagged free batteries from Staples. I had been doing it for at least four years, and could count on battery sales every few months. I’m sorry to report that, after watching for free batteries since last August, I haven’t seen Staples offer that deal again. That’s why this week’s battery deal — at $6.99 — has made my list of the best deals. If it were June, 2013, I wouldn’t bother to post such a non-deal. But it looks like Staples has nixed the free batteries this year, as it did with the free boxes.

A list of some great coupons this week, which you can print out online:

  • 25% Back in Rewards storewide
  • 20% off K-Cup Purchase
  • $6.99 Duracell Batteries, 16 count
  • 20% off Entire Retail Supplies Purchase

This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

Pre-Paid Card Moneymaker!

  • $7 Moneymaker — Buy $300 of Visa gift cards and get a $20 pre-paid Visa gift card after Rebate. (approximately $312.90 at the register, $20 Rebate).
    • When choosing a pre-paid¬†Visa¬†from the rack, try to get the least number of cards possible ‚ÄĒ for example, two cards for $150, or one card for $200 and one for $100. Each card will have an activation fee from $3.95 to $6.95 each. So, the goal is to pay the least amount in activation fees while getting to the $300 minimum purchase.
    • Be sure to buy $300 worth of cards in one single purchase.
    • Approximately $312.90 at the register, $20 Staples gift card after Rebate. Spend the Visa¬†wherever you want!
    • Limit one Rebate per household.
  • $5.25 — Duracell batteries, 16 ct., after¬†coupon¬†and 25% back in¬†Rewards. ($6.99 at the register, $1.75 in Rewards)

Happy Stapling! 

Does anyone else snap up these Visa card moneymakers, or is it just me? 

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