Stock Insights For The Week

The stock market has been up and down. I find myself at a loss for some of my stocks. How is your week in the market going? Even if you up or down, the stock market performs in the long run. If you’re looking for value stocks, what to rebalance, and what to hold, look no more. Here are a few stock insights for the week.

What’s Hot This Week?

This week people are watching AI closely. With the use of ChatGPT and other AI applications taking over, it’s no wonder why people are getting excited about the possibilities of AI and how it can benefit them now and in the future. With this renewed excitement comes a host of related stocks that are hot this week. They include tickers AI and SOUN, which are both up over 200% since last year, and SNOW. Another hot sector this week is energy. If you’re looking into this sector and want to add some stocks to your portfolio, take a look at FSLR, XOM, and COP.

What’s Not?

This week is not looking up for most sectors. Almost every sector is showing red. Of them, the sector underperforming the most include banking and some consumer goods. Bed Bath Beyond just announced bankruptcy. Other consumer staples have been criticized in the media and generally underperforming this week. The banks have faced similar scrutiny and decline among the fall of Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Their collapse triggered panicking consumers, who rushed to pull their money out of other banks for fear they may be next. Credit Suisse’s stock tanked, and banks in the area received billions in aid from Jp Morgan Chase to stay afloat. The industry is still facing backlash.

The Status of My Portfolio

In comparison, my portfolio is all over the place. My 401k Small cap stocks are doing the best. When it comes to my other investments, there are doubts. I am down in the sectors of space and cannibals. I am seeing the gains in tech regarding my Apple stock, though.

Here are just a few stock insights for the week. What does your portfolio look like, and which of your stocks are performing the best? Let us know in the comment box below.

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