How I’m Going To Automate My Airbnb business

Last week I told you all about how I’m starting a themed Airbnb business. I started looking for properties on Sunday and Friday I’ll be going out again. While I have not found the perfect home, that has not stopped me from researching what I need to do to manage my property. One thing I’m interested in is automation. I have a very busy schedule throughout the week and the weekend. That means I don’t have time to go back and forth between work, my home, and my new property. I’ve been doing Read more [...]

Starting A Themed Airbnb Business

I am all about new business ventures. I am a woman of ideas, generating off-the-wall ventures every day. My follow-through has not always been there, but I am working on that. Aside from writing part-time, I am looking for something new. I had the idea to partner up and go in on a joint Airbnb business. While I could be basic and go for a normal residence, I decided I want to turn it up a notch and go for an off-the-wall themed unit. The question is,  is it more profitable starting a themed Airbnb Read more [...]

How To Make Money on Airbnb Without Owning Property

Are you looking for a side hustle? Need a couple of extra dollars in your pocket? Whether you have a property or not, I have some information for you. Airbnb is one of the hottest short-term rental marketplaces out. While many people who use the site to rent out properties own them, you don’t have to. There are several ways you can make money on Airbnb without owning property. Follow along for more information now. Corporate Lease I know a few people who own Airbnb properties. One way they Read more [...]