How To Drive Luxury Cars for Free

Have you always wanted to drive a fancy, expensive car? Just because you want to doesn't mean you think it's financially feasible to do so. However, maybe it's easier than you think. Here's how to drive luxury cars for free. The Basics of How to Drive Luxury Cars For Free If you watch videos on Exotic Car Hacks, then you'll learn that there's a basic process, which you can learn in further detail through courses and articles. The basic process to drive luxury cars for free is as follows: Read more [...]

How to Make a Car Payment Manageable

I talk a lot about finances and savings with friends and coworkers. One topic that frequents the discussion is cars. While some of us have reasonable payments, others have payments that are too high. I always laugh that I would fall out if I had a payment above $300 with insurance. Some people are pushing $700 and above for their vehicles. While this may seem small to some, people with a bad financial situation may wonder how to make a car payment manageable. I have some tips that can help. Car Read more [...]