Do I Need A Budget?

Every person and financial advisor I know, always recommends having a budget. A budget helps you keep track of your monthly finances. It helps you keep track of your debts and helps to establish and fund monetary goals for retirement. I think it’s a great plan for some people, but the question is, does everyone need a budget? Follow along to find out if it’s for you. Can’t manage your debt? Debt problems are the number one reason people need Read more [...]

Laid Off: Transform Your Everyday Budget into an Emergency Budget

I was just laid off. When I got the news, I entered the first stage of grief: Denial. I acted like it would all be fine. I know it will be, but once I left the office I broke down crying just thinking of what to tell my spouse and my family. After I got that over with and had some breathing space, I most certainly got to the second stage. I got angry: They only hired me a few months ago, why didn’t they figure this out before they hired me? Did they intend to lay me off the entire time? I skipped Read more [...]