Saving On Rideshare Services

I recently came off of a trip to LA last week. It was an amazing time and I enjoyed riding through the different parts of the city. I am totally in love with Venice Beach and had a great time walking the strip in Hollywood. One thing I did notice is how spread apart the city is. We stayed near the airport and let me tell you nothing was close. We had to rely on Uber and Lyft to get us where we wanted to go. It got me thinking, how are people saving on rideshare services. Here are some ideas. Check Read more [...]

How I’ve Failed to Make Use of My Lyft Pink Membership … But I’m About To Do Better!

I use Lyft to get around. In fact, I use it so much so that I decided to go ahead and sign up for their Lyft Pink membership. It's saved me money over the past year or two on those Lyft rides. However, I just realized this week that I've failed to really make use of the benefits of the membership, I intend to remedy that now. Why I Use Lyft I have up my car when I moved to San Francisco 15+ years ago. Honestly, I love being car-free. This is a small city, geographically speaking. I can walk a Read more [...]