Shopping problem, quit today! 

Who doesn’t love to shop? I know I do, and those around me do as well. But at what point do we find ourselves shopping too much, spending too much money, and blowing our budgets? Do you spend money on clothes and other products in excess every month? If you do, listen up! If you have a shopping problem, quit today with the information below. Unsubscribe If you like shopping online or learning about the new sales through your email or text messages, Read more [...]

Can You Curb Overspending?

I am not a personal fan of having a budget. Instead, I typically set everything from bills to savings and investments on auto-draft. Whatever is left after my responsibilities are taken care of, I spend on whatever I want. However, with the use of credit cards and not actively checking my card balance, sometimes I overspend. If you frequently overspend and need some tips, here are a few ways to curb overspending. Set A Budget While I am not a personal Read more [...]