Do I Spend More On Food Or More On My Dog?

When it comes to breaking down my budget, I always spend the most on rent, of course. However, two things vie for second place: what I spend on food and what I spend on my dog. And honestly, both of these categories could use a little frugality. Let's take a look at January 2022 to review whether I spent more on food or on my dog? January 2022 Food Spending I spend money on food in four different ways: Meal prep delivery from Hungryroot. I love their meals and this is the easiest way for Read more [...]

How Much Can You Earn as a Rover Pet Sitter?

If you love animals, then pet sitting can be a truly excellent job. I've done it myself as a side job many times over the years. For me, it's just been a word-of-mouth thing. When I didn't have pets of my own, I'd often volunteer to watch friends' pets when they go out of town. It grew from there. But these days, there are apps such as Rover where you can sign up to get steady, regular pet sitting work. Just how much can you earn as a Rover pet sitter? What Is Rover? If you're not familiar with Read more [...]

What I Really Pay For My Dog Each Month

I absolutely adore my rescue dog, Bumi. He's a funny, active pup who is happy to do absolutely anything. He's also the best snuggler. He's worth every penny I spend on him. But, taking a look at my budget, I see that I really do spend quite a bit on this little guy. Adoption Costs for My Rescue Dog I was lucky in that I didn't end up having to pay any adoption fees for my rescue dog. I had gotten my first rescue dog through a specific organization. They waived the fees when I was ready to get Read more [...]