Ask For A Promotion

I did something scary today, and it’s something that you probably should do too. When you work hard, you want to be recognized. Not only do you want recognition from your team and higher-ups, but you also want more responsibilities and a higher paycheck. Asking for those things can be scary, but I conquered that fear today, and in the future, you can too. Follow along for more information on how to ask for a promotion in the workplace. What I Did A Read more [...]

7 Myths About Salary Increase

Obviously, everyone wants to get a raise. After all, more money can't hurt right? Well, that's true as long as there are no strings attached. However, usually we find strings attached. A new salary usually means a new job or at least new responsibilities. Sometimes, they aren't worth the raise. So, make sure that you consider these myths about salary increase before you accept. Myth: A Higher Salary Makes You Happier This is one of the most prevalent myths about salary increase opportunities. Read more [...]