Should You Splurge On Vacation?

I love taking vacations. It's just what I need after a few weeks of grinding hard at my job and side hustle. A trip per month is what I need, although it doesn't always happen. When I go on vacation, I like to plan it out in advance and try to keep costs down, but do you always have to stick to a narrow budget, or is it ok to splurge on a vacation? My Take I recently came back from a weekend trip to Vegas. I did get a great rate on a room at the Harrah's hotel Read more [...]

Is It Ok to Splurge?

Life is hard. You get up every day, work hard, and go above and beyond to get everything you want. When you work so hard to meet your goals, sometimes you feel bad about rewarding yourself. At what point is it ok to splurge on yourself? Do you have to meet every goal you set for yourself, or do you treat yourself along the way? Personally, I say treat yourself especially for the reasons below. Are Your Finances In Order? Before splurging on yourself, Read more [...]