5 Steps To Take After an Unemployment Claim Denial

Applying for unemployment doesn't always go smoothly. The forms can be a little bit confusing. Even when you think you have it under control, you might discover that the government denies your claim. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you can't get your much-needed income support. Instead, you just need to know how to follow up. Here are five steps to take after an unemployment claim denial. 1. File Your Appeal Quickly Each state has its own forms to file an unemployment denial appeal. Moreover, Read more [...]

What Are the Benefits for Partial Unemployment?

COVID-19 has changed so many different aspects of our lives. In particular, employment has changed. Many people are now unemployed or partially unemployed. People who have never had to face this situation are curious about the benefits for partial unemployment. It's tough to navigate, but the answers are out there. What is Partial Unemployment? As the name suggests, partial unemployment means that you have some type of work. However, you don't work full-time. Moreover, you can't find full-time Read more [...]