5 Rules to Stick to While On A Spending Freeze

A spending freeze is a great way to save money. Moreover, it shows you areas for continued savings over time. However, you can't just stop spending money all together. At least, most of us can't. Therefore, you have to implement some rules to stick while on spending freeze. What Is a Spending Freeze A spending freeze means that you stop spending money for a set period of time. A thirty-day spending freeze is a really smart time frame. It allows you to significantly cut back spending, saving a Read more [...]

How Much Can You Save by Cutting Sugary Drinks

I can think of many good reasons to cut sugary drinks out of your life. And honestly, I can't think of any good reasons to keep them. Sugar is bad for your health. It's often bad for your mood. Moreover, those sugary drinks cost a lot of money. I personally cut sodas and most juice out of my life a long time ago. It's not easy but it's worth it. Let look at how you can save by cutting sugary drinks. Average You'll Save By Cutting Sugary Drinks Money Ahoy did a report about how much you can save Read more [...]

If AT&T Reduced Plan Costs But Added Ads, Would You Do It?

Reuters recently released an exclusive article, quickly picked up by other news outlets, about a plan in the works from AT&T. The idea is that AT&T would serve you targeted ads on your phone. In exchange, they would reduce the cost of your phone plan. Would you do it? For me, it depends a lot on the details. It Hasn't Worked in the Past According to Reuters, several different companies have attempted something similar. Going back nearly phone decades, Sprint's Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile Read more [...]