There’s Peacefulness In Having Savings

Just recently, I was very ill. I came down with a sickness and was out of work for about a week. I lost a lot of money during that time, but I had peace of mind. In situations like this, a lot of people would be frantic about how they’re going to pay their bills or just worried about how missing a few days of work could put them in a financial bind. I think one reason why this was not my scenario is that there is a peacefulness in having savings. Here’s why:

Missing Days At Work

Who wants to be worried about missing a few days of work and having that put them behind financially? I think the answer to that is nobody! When you have built up your savings and investments, you have built a safety net. The funds, whether you want to touch them or not, are meant for the days you have to miss due to sickness, appointments, and other obligations. This safety net represents peacefulness because you no longer have to put your health and safety at risk just to be able to provide financially.


Savings are also useful in an emergency. Having an emergency pop up unexpectedly temporarily leaves people in financial ruin. However, when you have built up a good safety net, you have built up a way to mitigate such situations. It’s comforting to know if your roof caves in, your car needs a new battery, or you just made a trip to the emergency room, you can afford to pay for them without a second thought.

Taking A Break

This goes alongside taking off work for other necessities. We want to enjoy our lives, and sometimes that means being out of work to go on vacation or for a mental health or wellness day. You shouldn’t have to trade your mental well-being and happiness by going to work every day without some planned time off. Sometimes you want to choose yourself. With savings built up, you can choose yourself often. I love taking trips once a month. It’s fun, exciting, and helps with stress relief. Having savings means being okay to miss work a few days and splurging on the activities I love. Don’t you want a similar experience?

There is a peacefulness in having savings. For me, it means being able to take off a few days to go on trips and to take care of myself health wise. For you, it could be something else. If you don’t have any savings built up, you can start for as little as a few dollars. It’s not where you start by how you get there, so get going so you can have a more peaceful life.

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