What A Time For The BT Sports Channel To Start Charging

It’s a pain. The summer’s in full swing and the BT sports channel’s not free anymore. What could be worse? They’re going to start charging for it from the end of July. You only get it free if you buy their high end package. Well I’ll tell you this much. If they think that’s going to make me pay up for the high end package, they’ve got another think coming. You can hardly call the sports channel free by the time you’ve paid the price for that package.

Thank God It Was After The FA Cup

The FA Cup Final was on the 27th May, so at least we got to watch the football in peace. And as the payment isn’t enforced until the 1st of August, Wimbledon is safe enough. Then there’s the British Open Golf which is later in July. And once July is over, that’s it. We’re trapped in the payment net then.

Some Have All The Luck

My friend Graham isn’t bothered. He’s a businessman. He always goes for high end packages, so he still gets the BT sports channel for free. He told me and the lads that we could come over and watch the sports in his place anytime. Oh Graham’s like that, a real gent. But how could I do it? Turn up at someone’s house to watch the sport for free? I couldn’t hold up my head. I have self-respect. I know I’ve been over to Grahams’s place to watch sports programmes before, but knowing you have your own setup at home makes a difference.

Ways To Watch The Sports For Free

I’ve compiled a very specific list of ways to try and dodge paying for the sports. Please bear with me while I list them one by one.

  1. One of your mates will surely pay for the channel, so when the big sports events come around, he’s the one to visit. So what’s wrong with that plan? Everything! You’ll get a name for yourself. His wife will hate you. Some of your less tactful friends will start calling you ‘Scrooge’. Unless you’ve got a hide as thick as an elephant’s, you’re going to end up feeling hurt. Not good. Is there a way around it? Yes. Bring around a few nice beer cans and make sure his missus gets her share of them, especially if she likes a beer. But you can only go around to someone’s place so many times before you start to wear out your welcome. How much will the sports channel cost? £3.50 per month from BT. Think about this. Four cans of lager will probably cost you the same. And you have to buy some cans for your pal too, as a thank you for putting up with you. What do you think? Maybe it would be better to pay for the BT Sports Channel.


  1. Watch the big sports events in the pub. My wife is putting her foot down. She’s not keen on my going to the pub to watch the sports. She reckons the amount I’ll probably spend on beer would probably pay for the sports channel for a year. Hey, I’m not that bad! Still, maybe she has a point. Must think that one over.


  1. Switch providers. There are some rules which state that once your provider gives you a written notice of their intended price increase, you can leave within a certain amount of time, without paying exit fees. I checked out the packages offered down at Broadband Choices and while some providers offer cheaper packages than others, I had to think. Is my broadband service provider good? Because if so, why waste time and money ripping out one system and putting in another? The cost and stress probably cancels out any possible benefit.

Think It Over

Give the matter a bit of thought before finally deciding to switch providers. £3.50 per month isn’t too bad. Just consider the service you’re getting before making a decision. You don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

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