Top 10 Brisbane Suburbs You Should Invest in Right Now

With a current population of 2.4 million (and rising), Brisbane is Australia’s third-most populous city, after Sydney and Melbourne.

Naturally, this population fuels an active real estate market. More and more property investors are looking to Brisbane’s different suburbs for buying opportunities.

Read on as we look at the top 10 Brisbane suburbs for property investment at the moment.

1. Carina Heights

The first entry on this list is a neighborhood that has been in a state of development over the last number of years.

Five miles south of Brisbane’s central business district, Carina Heights has attracted its share of first-home buyers in recent times. Also attracted to the area are upsizers, those looking for bigger properties or more space.

The steady level of house sales here, as well as the notable uptick in price over time, makes Carina Heights an eye-catching prospect for investors.

Analysts believe that the reason for the increasing popularity of Carina Heights is its proximity to neighborhoods with traditionally high property values.

2. Logan Reserve

This is one of Brisbane’s more rural residential suburbs. Located 12 miles from the city center, it’s less central than many of the areas listed here.

However, Brisbane’s steadily rising population is making suburbs like this one increasingly relevant for buyers. Logan Reserve has a number of its own amenities, including a primary school, and is also close to Logan City.

The potential for price appreciation means that Logan Reserve should be carefully considered by potential investors. Demand could see prices here skyrocket in the coming years.

3. Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt lies to the south-east of Brisbane. It shares a name with the well-known mountain located within the district.

The suburb is seven miles from the central business district. Frequent buses take commuters to the city center.

Mount Gravatt’s average house prices are high in comparison to some outer suburbs, but they are steadily rising and show potential for significant future appreciation.

Because of its mountainous surroundings, Mount Gravatt offers plenty for those who like to get outdoors. Amenities include a public library and a primary school.

4. Ferny Grove

Ferny Grove lies a similar distance from the city center as Mount Gravatt. However, this suburb is to the north-west of the city.

This is another area in which buyer interest has soared in recent years. Property prices are creeping steadily upwards, and the number of viewers for each new property on the market increases every day.

Ferny Grove’s distance from the center allows it to keep large areas of parkland. Coupled with the abundance of schools in the locality, this makes Ferny Grove very attractive to many buyers. When young families, in particular, consider buying a house, these are among the foremost selling points of an area.

5. Kurwongbah

Almost 20 miles north of Brisbane, Kurwongbah might be further away from the city center than some buyers would consider ideal.

However, this proximity issue appears not to concern many people. Property buyers have expressed a growing interest in Kurwongbah in recent years, and this has been reflected by rising prices in the area.

This is another area with attractions for those interested in outdoor activities. The manmade Kurwongbah Lake came into existence in 1958 with the construction of the Sideling Creek Dam. Today, the lake is used for a number of aquatic sports.

6. Keperra

Keperra’s median house price is somewhat lower than other central suburbs listed here. Considering the attractions offered by the area, and the growing interest in its property, this should catch the eye of any investor looking for a value buy.

Like Carina Heights, Keperra’s property market is benefiting from its affluent neighbors. Buyers that are priced out of the adjacent Mitchelton have been arriving in Keperra in greater numbers in recent times.

Just six miles from the central business district, Keperra is connected to Brisbane by an active train line.

7. Mansfield

Mansfield is a similar distance from Brisbane’s center as Keperra. However, as an established neighborhood, its median property price is considerably higher.

The main reason for its high prices, other than proximity, is the fact that it sits in a sought-after school catchment area. In Brisbane, and pretty much anywhere else, this will always add significantly to the value of property.

However, homes in Mansfield still have considerable upside potential. Many investors choose to make a purchase here.

8. Chermside

Chermside is located about five miles north of Brisbane. It is known for its Westfield Shopping Center, which is the biggest of its kind in Australia.

Aside from shopping, though, Chermside still has plenty to offer.

One of the area’s fastest-developing suburbs, it has developed an urban identity all of its own. Many businesses choose to make Chermside their base of operations.

Chermside’s property values are high, but they are almost guaranteed to get even higher in the coming years.

9. Wynnum

Sitting by the bay, nine miles outside of Brisbane, Wynnum is perfect for anyone seeking some sea air.

Analysts believe that property prices in Wynnum are set to rise for a number of reasons. Its proximity to the airport is one. Planned improvements to the roads between the suburb and the central business district are another.

Wynnum is affordable compared to other nearby suburbs. However, it may not remain that way for long.

10. Oxley

Seven miles to Brisbane’s south-west is Oxley, another suburb whose property prices have been dragged up by overspill from neighboring areas.

Oxley’s selling points include proximity, coupled with a convenient train line connection for commuters. Its current property values are lower than one might expect, creating an opening for investment dollars.

Which Brisbane Suburbs Are Catching Your Eye?

All Brisbane suburbs have something unique to offer, whether you’re an investor or just looking for somewhere to live. If you’re interested, do some more research and get the investment property of your dreams!

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