5 Ways to Get Paid to Shop Online

Get Paid to Shop Online

Do you enjoy online shopping? If you do, then you might really like the idea of getting paid to shop online. And even if online shopping isn’t really your thing, getting paid to do it might be incentive enough. But is this really possible? Yes. Here are ways to get paid to shop online:

1. Get Cash Back for the Things You Buy Online Anyway

The number one way that people get paid to shop online is through programs like Rakuten. Rakuten (formerly eBates) gives you cash back for items that you purchase online. You do all your regular shopping at the stores that you normally shop at online. However, you do so via Rakuten. Then Rakuten gives you money back for your purchases. It’s one of the easiest ways to get paid to shop online if you’re already an online shopper.

Other apps that are similar to Rakuten include BeFrugal, Top Cash Back, SwagBucks, and Drop. Ibotta is another similar app although it works best for in-store shopping rather than online shopping. That said, it offers some opportunities to get paid to shop online.

2. Get Paid to Book A Hotel

Dosh is similar to the other cash back apps listed above. However, they also specifically offer the opportunity to save money when planning out a trip. You browse hotels for your destination right in Dosh. Then click “show me the cash back.” Then you pick the room you want and book it. It’s an easy way to get paid to shop online for your trade accommodations.

3. Online Clothing Swaps

You can use a site like ThredUp to sell your used clothing. Get store credit for the clothing that you sell online. Then when you’re ready to shop online for new clothes, you can use that store credit to make the purchase. While you don’t exactly get paid to shop online, it does give you a chance to save money on any clothes you want to purchase online.

4. Apply to Work as a Remote Clothing Stylist

There are many online sites that offer personal styling for men, women, and children. For example, Bombfell is a personal style service for men. You can apply to work as a remote stylist for sites such as this one. You’ll shop online for each of your customers, finding items that you think they would like added to their wardrobe. You’ll respond to their feedback and interact with them and the company, but for the bulk of the work you get paid to shop online for someone else.

5. Hire Yourself Out as a Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual personal assistant works from home doing all of the tasks that their client wants completed. If you work for yourself, then you can set yourself up to do the things that you love to do online. So, if you want to get paid to shop online, then you would emphasize that this is one of the primary services that you offer. It could take some time to set yourself up with your own virtual personal assistant business but you might find that it’s the best way to get paid to do what you enjoy.

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