Ways to Make Quick Bucks During Summer

It’s officially the summer. That means lots of warm weather and vacations. For some people, it means coveted time away from work. For others, it’s a time to make some money with lucrative summer hustles. If you’re looking to make some money, there is no shortage of ways to make quick bucks during the summer. Looking for ideas? Follow along.


If you know how to swim, love people, and love to save lives, becoming a lifeguard can be for you. Lifeguards make around $19-$30 thousand a year. If you’re looking to take the seasonal route, working at a pool could be your best bet. The season typically lasts from May to August. At the height of summer, you may be working on a full schedule. As the summer winds down, so do your hours. If you’re looking for more flexibility and fresher water, you can opt-in for a beach lifeguard position. Be sure to check out what certifications are necessary for the position.

House Sitting

It’s the summer so there will be lots of traveling. If not for you, your neighbors and friends will likely go out of town at least once. Many times, people want to know their homes and belongings are secure. They will pay for extra security and someone to look after their things. If they are going to pay someone to house sit, it may as well be you. You can start a summer vacation house-sitting hustle. This sort of job can bring in upwards of $45 a day per home. Not only is the money great, but the tasks are minimal. House sitting requires you to perform light cleaning around the home, watering plants, and feeding animals left in the home.

Lemonade Stand

If you have kids, you can put them to work. One of the easiest ways is with a lemonade stand. It’s a classic idea that keeps people refreshed on a hot day. Aside from shelling out some cash to make the sweet drink, you can make bank on the idea. If you have a good product and some big cups, your product can easily go for $4-$5 each. Be sure to select a prime location at the entrance of your neighborhood or the clubhouse area, and be sure to check your local laws.

Above are just a few ideas on how to make quick bucks for the summer, but they aren’t the only ones.  Follow the posted video and links to find additional information on great summer hustles to try out for yourself.

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