Ways to Save Cash on a Prom Dress

With many prom dress prices through the roof, and prices on the up for prom dresses 2019, it can become a very expensive event. Not only your dress, but your hair, nails, accessories and makeup can be costly. We bring you some useful ideas on how to save cash on your prom dresses.


Time is Money

Getting your dress early can often save you money, as the later you leave it, the more likely that there are fewer available to choose within your price range and you may be forced to purchase one out of your budget with it being last minute. Jessica from JJ’s House recommends aiming to buy your prom dress in off-season, during this time they usually have cheap prom dresses from the previous prom season and generally better deals.


Choose one you can re-wear

If you pick a prom dress which can double up as a nice dress for future events, it’s a good way to ‘get what you paid for’. This will be more cost effective than spending money on a dress you are likely to only wear the one time. There’s lots of inspiration online on how to restyle your prom dress to suit other formal occasions.


Dress Swap or ‘like new’ dress

If you are finding it difficult to source an affordable dress, there are some creative organizations that offer prom dress swap events. Here you can pay a small entry fee, and get a donated used prom dress, which is in fashion and like new. You can also search for almost new stylish gowns in charity shops, these were loved and likely just worn the once, so a quick dry clean and it is like new again.

Several online sites have reduced or cheap prom dresses that are as good as new, shopping second hand can save you a lot. Apps such as Poshmark is great for gently worn prom dresses, where people buy and resell used clothing. Also check social media groups for second hand sales and swaps.


Re-style an existing dress

Another tip is to re-style an existing formal dress you have, a bridesmaid dress would be perfect. You could add some embellishments to it, or have a local tailor tweak the design slightly to make it prom worthy.  There is no set design or rules you need to conform to, so re-working an existing dress to your liking is perfect.


Go for less fabric

If you want a brand-new dress, but struggling to pay high street prices, a helpful way to save cash on your prom dress would be to choose minimalistic dresses such as black or midi-length, these are usually cheap than more complicated tiered dresses and use less fabric.


Rent instead of buy

The easiest way to cut costs on your prom dress is to go to a rental website, for example ‘Rent the Runway’, they have great low-cost options to use for the evening, as well as accessories to go with it.


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