What Are the Costs of Living in a Motel?

Travel is fun. Some people do it for a living. Several travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts are waiting to show off their adventures with the world. While some people take up fancy hotels or stay with the locals, some choose to stay in a Motel. If you looking to travel and live in Motels in the long-term, I’m here to talk about the costs of living in a motel.


Factors to Consider Before Living in a Motel

When it comes to living in a motel, you have to consider the costs. While cheaper than a hotel, motels still have higher rates compared to rentals. The rates are often priced per day, which can get costly. When searching for room rates, there several cost-effective solutions. For one, use booking sites to book your stays. You can check out sites like booking.com or Priceline. I would even use the Hopper App and Google to see where the best deals are. Once you have locked in a rate, or if you can not find a good one, call the motel. Make sure you’re extra polite. Ask them do they have rates for long-term stays. Be sure you ask them about discounts they offer that could drag down the price.

Single-Occupancy vs Double Occupancy

Another factor you have to consider is how many guests will be staying with you. Most prices are listed as double occupancy. There is usually an upcharge for a single occupancy room. If you are not traveling with another person, that is ok. Always select double occupancy to skip out on higher rates if there is a penalty at the motel you are staying at.

Meal Options

Another cost of living in a motel is food. If your motel offers breakfast with your stay, absolutely take advantage. This may be the only meal they provide. Because many motels do not offer rooms with kitchen space, you will be on your own for lunch and dinner. If your lucky to have a small kitchen area, you can bring a hot plate and make simple meals in the room to save on your travel costs.


While a motel may not be as luxurious as some hotels, it still can be a great option for a long term stay. When picking out a place you want to reside in for the long haul, make sure you factor in amenities. At a minimum, your stay should include the use of a decent-sized pool and a gym to work out in. Room service, wifi, and cable television are great perks as well. You may have to pay more to stay for these luxuries, but it will only enhance your extended travel vacation.



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