What I’m Digging: Decor on the Cheap, Thwarting Banks, Living the Good Life, and more

Mercury must be in retrograde,* because this morning I read a handful of great articles — all posted today. So, if you’re hitting a 3pm Friday slump at work or you’re stuck inside because of the rain this weekend, take a peek at this list of articles I collected from around the web. There’s something for everyone. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

  • How to Make a Large Print for your Wall — On the Cheap! For under $10, you can put some personality on your wall. And don’t forget the Staples coupons 😉 via Making Lemonade
  • How Do Banks Get Rich, and How Do you Thwart Them? — I’m sure you know that banks make bank off of fees they charge for our mistakes, but do you know how much it costs them to give you a free checking account? via Making Sense of Cents
  • A Compilation of the Very Best Life Advice — Take a breather from life to hear some advice from names you know, but maybe have never thought to ask for advice about life. via J.D. Roth’s site, More Than Money
  • Pew Study on Student Debt Finds Young Borrowers Are Less Likely to Say that their Education was Worth It — I’m not going to say that any of this is a huge surprise, but I’m happy to see that someone is giving some serious thought to what the economy is going to look like in the future if young adults continue to borrow student loans at such an alarming rate. via Consumer Law & Policy blog
  • Student Loan Servicers to Pay Almost One Billion Dollars for Taking Advantage of Borrowers — You’re going to be pissed when you find out who they’re taking advantage of now. I’ll admit, this was posted a few days ago. But I love it when the veil is lifted and we get a peek into some of the student loan servicers’ dirty tactics (Oh, the stories I could tell just from client experiences!). AndPlusAlso, I love hearing about the good things our government is doing to get these guys in line. via The Consumerist.
  • The Consumerist’s Garden of Discontent — Before you send anyone flowers, just take a look at this garden. Again, this wasn’t posted today. But I stumbled on it today and love it. But hate it. You’ll see.

* I really don’t know what that means, or if it’s even true. I’m not a physicist or astrologer or whoever pays attention to that stuff.

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