What I’m Digging September 23: Beware of Scams and Temptation

I collected links to some articles that I really enjoyed reading last week. After looking at them collectively, I realized that this all probably makes me look so paranoid — they’re about not trusting businesses that are too good to be true, convincing your parents not to trust them either, protecting yourself from … yourself, etc. You probably will think I’m paranoid as you review this list, but what can I say in my defense? I’m a consumer lawyer; I talk to people on some of their worst days, about some of the most stressful situations they face in their lives. I like to spread a teensy bit of paranoia and put myself out of business. Here are the articles I’m digging from last week:

  • Protecting your wallet from #YOLO, #FOMO, and #FONSY. At first, this made me feel a little hip because I knew what YOLO meant, and then I felt really lame because I had no idea what FONSY meant. Turns out, the acronyms are new to me but the concepts are very familiar. (From Sarah Greesonbach, posting on Budgets are $exy)
  • Too Good to be True: A Review of the Consumer Assistance Project. Tread carefully before doing business with an organization purporting to help you or a loved one get out of debt. The Student Loan Sherpa shows you how to check under the hood. (From The Student Loan Sherpa)
  • Protect Your Parents From Scams. At a loss for words when your loved one tells you she sent a check to a Nigerian prince who promised to pay it back? This article has some really helpful suggestions for talking to elderly parents about scams. (From AARP)
  • Wealth Advice that Should Be Obvious. What’s the value of buying 12 pounds of cheese? Let Mr. Money Mustache give you a recap of his early retirement principles, which dovetail nicely with the frugal-minded. (From Mr. Money Mustache)
  • Managing Your Finances When You Have ADHD. Someone near and dear to my heart once looked through the classified ads in search of a guitar and instead bought a boat. Does that sound like you? Check out this article from Reuters.
  • Top Tips for Saving Money on Groceries. Always a subject near and dear to my wallet: Saving money on something I must buy regularly. Money Mishaps sums up some great strategies that are life skills for the frugal-minded. (From Money Mishaps)
  • Year-Round Holiday Shopping. This is how the Stapler family has been rolling this year for holiday shopping. We already have a box full of Christmas gifts lined up, and plan to stuff stockings for free again this year. Read how Annie gets it done! (From Money Saving Mom)

Deals I’m Digging: 

  • Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed, by Glennon Melton Doyle. $3.99 for Kindle! She is the author of the blog Momastery, including the fabulous viral post Don’t Carpe Diem (which, if you are a mom and haven’t already read, you should go do it now!).
  • Want $7 off of The Little Mermaid? It’s being released from the Disney Vault on October 1. Scott Shared Values has once again released this $7 off coupon. I have found the best prices on Disney blu rays to be right when they’re released from the Vault, plus the Scott coupon that usually accompanies a release. You can print 2 coupons, so I typically get one for our son and one goes in the gift vault. To get the coupon, you have to sign up for Scott Shared Values and then Disney Movie Rewards, a small task for such a big reward, in my opinion.

Did I miss something? Please let me know if there’s an article or a deal out there I would dig just as much as these.

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