When Is It Worth Dropping Out of College To Work?

There are many good reasons to go to college. However, college isn’t right for everyone. And it might simply not be right for you at a given time in your life. You might find that it’s worth dropping out of college to work. But how can you know if you’re doing the right thing? Here are three big signs that it’s worth dropping out of college to work instead:

1. Your Employer Will Eventually Pay For College

There are many ways to get paid to go to college. While people often look only at grants and scholarships, savvy students look at alternatives. For example, there are many employers that will pay for you to go to college.

You could join the military. Alternatively, you could look for corporate employers that offer tuition.

Oftentimes you have to work for them for a specific period of time in order to take advantage of this offer. But it can be well worth dropping out of college to work at one of these places until such time when they will pay for you to go back to school. In fact, you might find that you can work full-time while attending school part-time and then eventually use that education to get promoted within the same company that paid for your schooling.

2. You Hate School

There’s a lot to be gained from a college education including knowledge, varied life experience, and social benefits. However, college isn’t right for everyone. Some people simply don’t do well in the college setting.

If you do want to get a job that requires a degree then you can explore alternatives to college education. you can hack your college education in many ways, cobbling together courses and certificates through different programs in a way that works for you.

But you might just find that school doesn’t work for you. And that’s okay. Whether it’s forever or just for now, dropping out fo college to work can be a perfectly valid life choice.

3. The Career You Love Doesn’t Require College Education

Not every great job out there requires that you get a college education. For example, there are some people who truly love working in bars and restaurants. They earn enough money to get by.

Moreover, they have the schedule and time that they want to pursue other interests. For example, if you love acting in local theatre, then you might enjoy working in a coffee shop or grocery store during the day so that you can have nights free to perform.

Alternatively, you might have a niche passion that you can pursue without getting a college degree. There are still jobs where you can apprentice or intern under someone in order to learn the skills that you need to get the job. For example, maybe you want to be a glass blower. You could go to art school of course and try learning something new. Alternatively, though, dropping out of college to work with an established glass blower might make perfect sense. Explore your options.

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