Why I Hired A Tax Professional

Tax time is here. The last day to submit those returns is coming up in the next couple of weeks. If you are like me, taxes are frustrating, and the result always ends up with me owing to the IRS, which I think is too much money. I used to do my taxes using Turbo Tax for free, but here are the reasons I hired a tax professional to do my taxes now!


For one, I don’t have the time. I am a busy person and work from sunrise to sunset. When I get home, I am working on my side hustle business and wish I could just relax. When it comes to things outside of work, it’s hard to schedule and becomes a chore. Taxes are no different. By the time I start thinking about them, it’s past my bedtime. I rather let someone dedicate their time to help me rather than set time aside for this particular task.

It’s Cost-Effective

Sure, you can do your taxes free using software like TurboTax and Credit Karma. Even Cash App has the option to file free of charge. But when it comes to convenience and low cost, I’m willing to bet on my tax person. The person who does my taxes is very good at what she does and offers a great price on a simple-ish return. I believe I paid $150 and gave her my w9, 1099, 401k, and investment documents to file. I recognize most tax professionals cost more than that. If your return is complex, it will still be worth the price tag.

They Get Results

Aside from the price, a tax preparer can get your tax burden reduced or help you get the maximum refund you are qualified for. I usually end up owing about $3,500 every year. Even when I upped my 401k contributions and looked for simple deductions, I never came out on top. A tax professional knows all the laws, codes, and deductions you are qualified for under the tax code. They can help you work around simple and complex situations to get you great results. With my business finally being set up correctly, I was happy to find out that my tax burden this year was only a fraction of what I paid the past few years.

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