Why Is Customer Experience Important For A Business?


Imagine you are talking about a particular product or service. If you had a good experience, you are likely to recommend it. Or, perhaps not. But not because you don’t want to share with others, but because you simply don’t remember.

However, if the experience was bad, it is more probable that the opposite occurs. How many people will know about your bad experience? Probably more than one. Even those who didn’t ask you. In other words, you will alert others, so they don’t have a hard time like you. A bad experience with a product or service can be dangerous for a company. Therefore, below you will learn about customer experience and why it is important. Especially, in this digital age.

There Are Many Ways To Know Customer Satisfaction, Especially In Social Networks

In social networks, there are many ways you can use to know your customer. An example of these are the emojis. They reflect moods and, in some way, the degree of customer satisfaction. Through them, companies could also do something about it, especially since they have this valuable information about how their customers feel. 

Customer insights can help businesses retain and deepen their relationships with their customers, and help them drive profitability through lowered sales costs and recurring revenue. However, not much attention is given to them.

Social Networks Can Be A Lethal Weapon For A Business

Just as it can be the perfect way to reach more customers, social networks can also be the perfect way to lose them. To what extent? These platforms are able to share bad experiences, even in real time, and make them known around the world in just a few seconds. For example, when a video is uploaded showing consumer dissatisfaction with the quality of the product or service received. The visibility, outreach capacity and power of influence that social networks have is so high that one single video could destroy a brand. 

It takes just one bad experience to lose a customer and damage a brand image. Especially because real evidence is shown. Therefore, there is no doubt that the service was terrible. 

Even though it is true that social networks are the most used advertising tool by companies, they are also the most hated. Of course! Things can go wrong, and when they do, it all happens so fast. Worst of all, they are often difficult to control. Without question, this can result in a major risk for the company. There is, therefore, a lot of truth in the maxim that it is easier to lose a client than to gain a new one. 

How Can You Deliver A Good Customer Experience?

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Quality of service is also key, as this ultimately determines whether a client is satisfied or not. A customer who is pleased with the quality of the product or service will continue to purchase it.

Furthermore, another valued innovation is channel strategy. When a customer is dissatisfied, the most usual thing is to try to communicate, first, with the company to solve the situation. But if the channels are unattractive or even worse if no one answers, dissatisfaction will increase. Therefore, the customer will lash out against the company by whatever means.

That’s why it is important that companies offer different customer service channels. In addition, they must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, the customers can contact the company whenever they want.

Improving the customer experience based on the issues shown above can help to retain and build stronger customer relationships. Remember! Prevention is better, and also far more economical, than cure.

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