Even if You’re Strapped for Cash, You Can Still Invest

Even if You're Strapped for Cash, You Can Still InvestIf at first you think you don’t have enough funds for it, you can still invest.

Once you have some emergency savings put away and all of your high-interest debt paid off, you should think about investing, even if it’s just a little bit.

You Can Still Invest

If after you’ve paid off your debt and paid your bills you only have $20 left over the best possible thing you could do with it is invest.

Dividend reinvestment plans allow you to make an initial invest as little as $20 or $30. Making this small investment now could lead to big returns in the future.

What if you have a bit more than $20 but not quite $1000? Well, if there’s a way to invest $20, there are always ways to invest $100 to $999 as well.

Have an extra $1,000 or more to invest? Now you have a ton of options. Consider opening a discount brokerage account. If you are able to contribute to the account regularly, you’ll be able to stack up a sizable amount of cash. Keep in mind, however, that the more valuable your account is, the more fees you’ll encounter. Invest in a way that minimizes your fees — like exchange traded funds.

Whatever you do, don’t avoid investing because you don’t have enough money. Your $20 or $30 could be making you even more cash right now, so don’t wait!

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